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レコード 1259

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Semtech and Imprint Energy work together to power for IoT sensors and devices

To help accelerate the next generation of battery technology, Semtech has invested in Imprint Energy. 詳しい情報

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RECOM – Upgraded high power density DC-DC converter in SIP7 case for demanding industrial applications

RECOM’s new RKZ3 DC-DC converter series is a pin-compatible upgrade to its existing 2W SIP7 converters, providing 50% extra power density in the same footprint. 詳しい情報

No Image

New TV/STB control device supports IR and RF remote control automation

The device is claimed to be the first cross-site device to support Bluetooth and RF4CE remote control operations (via optional add-on modules) and simultaneous IR test operations. RF technology is increasingly used to control 4K / UHD televisions and associated set-top boxes, as well as support for improved control methods such as voice. 詳しい情報

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The Akamai Content Delivery Network is now available to businesses on the IBM Cloud

Akamai and IBM today announced that the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature is now available on the IBM Cloud. As part of the IBM Cloud content delivery network, the new product is designed to optimize the performance of deploying and delivering content and applications over the cloud. 詳しい情報

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WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol has a built-in vulnerability

WPA2, the security commonly used on Wi-Fi communication, has a built-in vulnerability, according to researchers from the University of Leuven. 詳しい情報

No Image

Harwin protects Datamate connectors with aluminium backshells

Harwin is supporting its Datamate wire-to-board connectors with a range of backshells with a rugged aluminium alloy construction and electroless nickel plating. 詳しい情報

No Image

Automotive sensor-less, brush-less controller for 3Φ DC motors

Allegro has introduced a three-phase, sensor-less, brush-less DC motor controller for automotive use with engine cooling fans, and oil and water pumps. 詳しい情報

No Image

Qorvo launches 802.11ax ICs

Qorvo has announced an expanded portfolio of 802.11ax products for Wi-Fi gateways, set-top boxes, routers and enterprise access points. 詳しい情報

No Image

Texas Instruments DRV10983-Q1, A smaller , more intelligent automotive-certified drive system

DRV10983-Q1 , is the newest automotive-certified drive system. It applies to motor body designs which can offer higher efficiency, flexibility and system protection. 詳しい情報

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Texas Instruments MSP430 New ultrasonic MCUs and reference designs make both electronic and mechanical water meters smarter

Texas Instruments MSP430 New ultrasonic MCUs and reference designs make both electronic and mechanical water meters smarter . 詳しい情報


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