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2023-03-21, Analog Devices offers low-cost SPDT switches

The HMC197BE is a low-cost SPDT switch in a 6-pin SOT26 plastic package for general switching applications requiring very low insertion loss and a very small size. The device can control signals from DC to 3 GHz, especially for 900 MHz, 1.8-2.2 GHz, and 2.4 GHz ISM applications with losses of less than 1 dB.

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2023-03-17, Precision instrumentation amplifier with low noise, rail - to - rail output and power - saving shutdown mode

The AD8553 is a precision instrumentation amplifier featuring low noise, rail-to-rail output and a power-saving shutdown mode. The AD8553 also features low offset voltage and drift coupled with high common-mode rejection. In shutdown mode, the total supply current is reduced to less than 4 μA. The AD8553 is capable of operating from 1.8 V to 5.5 V.

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2023-03-13, Monolithic synchronous voltage-frequency converter

The AD652 synchronous voltage-frequency converter (SVFC) is a powerful component of precision analog-to-digital conversion, providing a typical nonlinearity of 0.002% (Max. 0.005%) at 100 kHz output frequency. The inherent monotonicity of the transfer function and the wide clock frequency range allow conversion time and resolution to be optimized for specific applications. The AD652 is available in five performance grades and operates in an extended temperature range from −55°C to +125°C

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2023-03-11, Variable resolution, monolithic resolution to digital converter

The AD2S80A is a single piece 10 -, 12 -, 14 -, or 16-bit tracking parser-digital converter included in a 40 - pin DIP or 44 - terminal LCC ceramic package. The working reference frequency ranges from 50hz to 20000hz. It is manufactured using the BiMOS II process, combining the benefits of CMOS logic and dual ultra-precision linear circuits on the same chip.

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2023-03-09, High linearity wideband dual-channel down-conversion mixer

HMC1190ALP6NE is a high-linearity broadband dual-channel down-conversion mixer, which integrates phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator, and is optimized for multi-standard receiver applications requiring compact and low-power design. The compact 6x6mm lead-free QFN package conforming to RoHS standard is adopted. The integrated broadband limited LO amplifier enables the mixer to achieve unprecedented RF bandwidth of 700 MHz to 3800 MHz, which is suitable for cellular/3G, LTE/WiMAX/4G and other applications.

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2023-03-09, Accurate digital thermometer from Analog Devices

The MAX6690 is an accurate digital thermometer that reports the temperature of the remote P-N junction and its own mold. Using a small 16-pin QSOP surface-mount package, the remote junction can be a diode-connected transistor -- usually a low cost, easy to install 2N3904 NPN type or 2N3906 PNP type -- in place of a traditional thermistor or thermocouple. The default low temperature measurement limit is 0 ° C. This can be extended to -64°C by setting bit 5 of the configuration register to 1.

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2023-03-08, High precision wide power supply high output drive low noise reference

The LT6654 is a family of small precision voltage references that offers high accuracy, low noise, low drift, low dropout and low power. The LT6654 operates from voltages up to 36V and is fully specified from –55°C to 125°C. A buffered output ensures ±10mA of output drive with low output impedance and precise load regulation. These features, in combination, make the LT6654 ideal for portable equipment, industrial sensing and control, and automotive applications.

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2023-03-07, High efficiency, high voltage 100mA synchronous step-down converter

The LTC3631 is a high voltage, high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter with internal high side and synchronous power switches that draws only 12μA typical DC supply current at no load while maintaining output voltage regulation.

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2023-03-03, Double ideal diode and single hot swap controller

The LTC4227 provides ideal diode or hot swap functionality for both power tracks by controlling an external nchannelmosfet. As an ideal diode, the MOSFETs replace two high-power Schottky diodes and associated heat sinks, saving power and board area. A hot-swap control MOSFET allows a plate to be securely inserted and operated from the active backplane by limiting the influx current. The power output also protects against short-circuit failures with fast-acting current limiting and internal timing circuit breakers

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2023-03-02, Monolithic 1.5A, 1.25MHz step-down switching regulator

The LT1767 is a 1.25MHz monolithic step-down switch regulator. The t1767 is an 8-pin lead-plated frame package and a low thermal resistance exposed liner package. Provides full cycle cycle term flow and thermal shutdown. High-frequency operation allows for reduced input and output filtering elements and allows the use of on-chip inductors.

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2023-03-01, Four extremely high side grid drivers

The LT1161 is a four-extremely high-side gate driver that allows the use of low-cost n-channel power MosFeTs for high-side switching applications. It has four separate switching channels, each containing a fully separate charge pump to fully enhance N-channel MOSFET switches with no external components.

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2023-02-27, 1.6GHz clock distribution IC, divider, delay adjustment, triple output

The AD9514 uses a multi-output clock distributed IC design that emphasizes low jitter and phase noise to maximize data converter performance. Other applications with phase noise and jitter requirements also benefit from this section. There are three separate clock outputs. Two of the outputs are lvvpecl, and the third output can be set to LVDS or CMOS level, with 32 pin LFCSP, working with a single 3.3V power supply. The temperature ranges from −40 ° C to +85 ° C.

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2023-02-27, ADG1206L/1207L multiplexed switch ic provided by Analog Devices

Analog Devices ADG1206L/1207L multiplexer Switch ic is a monolithic iCMOS®= analog multiplexer consisting of 16 single channels and 8 differential channels. Typical applications include audio and video routing, automatic test equipment, data acquisition systems, battery powered systems, sampling and holding systems, and communication systems.

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2023-02-25, Six LVPECL outputs, SiGe clock fan out buffer

The ADCLK946 is an ultra-fast clock fan out buffer manufactured using Analog Devices' proprietary XFCB3 silicon Germanium (SiGe) bipolar process. The device is designed for high-speed applications requiring low jitter. The 24-pin LFCSP operates in the standard industrial temperature range from −40°C to +85°C.

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2023-02-24, LC2 MOS Precision Mini dip analog switch

The ADG419 is a monolithic CMOS SPDT switch. The switch is designed using an enhanced LC2 MOS process that provides low power consumption while providing high switching speed, low resistance and low leakage current.

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2023-02-24, 60mhz, 2000v /μs, monolithic operational amplifier, low noise

The AD844 is a high speed monolithic operational amplifier fabricated using the Analog Devices, Inc., junction isolated complementary bipolar (CB) process. It combines high bandwidth and very fast large signal response with excellent dc performance. Although optimized for use in current-to-voltage applications and as an inverting mode amplifier, it is also suitable for use in many noninverting applications.

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2023-02-20, High precision surge protection overvoltage protector

The MAX14699 overvoltage protection (OVP) device features a low 38mΩ (typ) on-resistance (RON) internal FET and protects low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to +28VDC. An internal clamp also protects the device from surges up to +100V. The MAX14699 features a 100ns (typ) overvoltage response time to minimize voltage rise on OUT during an overvoltage event. When the input voltage exceeds the overvoltage threshold, the internal FET is quickly turned off to prevent damage to the protected downstream components

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2023-02-20, Low voltage, programmable resistance, thermostatic switch

The AD22105 is a solid state thermostatic switch. Requiring only one external programming resistor, the AD22105 can be set to switch accurately at any temperature in the −40°C to +150°C wide operating range. Using a novel circuit architecture, the AD22105 asserts an open-collector output when the ambient temperature exceeds the user-programmed setpoint temperature. The AD22105 has approximately 4°C of hysteresis, which prevents rapid thermal on and off cycling