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Bourns Inc.の最新テクノロジー

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2022-12-24, Bourns 2036-xx-SM Precision Gas Discharge tube Surge Arrester

Bourns now offers a surface mount (SM) 3-electrode Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) surge protection device. The industry-leading quality and features of the Bourns miniature 2036 TRIGARD series GDT continues in this new SM version for “pick and place” manufacturing techniques.

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2022-11-19, Bourns new generation GDT series products are advanced and have unique coplanarity

Bourns, a global leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, has launched a new line of 3-pole surface mount products to expand its new generation gas discharge tube (GDT) product line.

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2022-11-15, GDT35 series - next generation three electrode gas discharge tube arrester

Burns' improved new generation surface mount 3-electrode GDT Surge Protection device is designed with Burns' proprietary advanced computer simulation technology and provides best-in-class maximum impact voltage limiting specifications for this type of GDT in a small, environmentally rugged surface mounting package.

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2022-11-04, Bourns introduced five types of shielded power magnetic bead inductors with high rated current and extremely low DC resistance

Bourns, a leading manufacturer and supplier of world-renowned electronic components, has launched five new series of shielded power magnetic bead inductors with high current rating, ferrite-based shielding structure and extremely low DC resistance, with sensing values from 72nH to 440nH. The Bourns SPB0705, SPB1005, SPB1007, SPB1012 and SPB1308 series are designed for a variety of multiphase integrated applications to meet the needs of increased efficiency, low magnetic field radiation and reduced power loss.

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2022-11-03, Bourns' new high-power resistor series shows excellent pulse load capability

Bourns, a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components in the world, has introduced a new series of high-power resistors. The Bourns CRG2512 series uses solid metal strip resistance components to provide excellent pulse load capacity and low resistance temperature coefficient (TCR). These features help improve resistor reliability, making it the optimal surge current limiting solution for capacitive, thermal insertion, and buffer circuits in a variety of current detection, power supply, stepper motor drive, and input amplifier applications.

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2022-10-31, Bourns introduced a high current PTVS diode capable of handling 20 kA surge current and low clamping voltage

Bourns introduced a bidirectional power transient voltage suppressor (PTVS) diode designed for high-power DC line protection applications. The new model PTVS20-015C-TH can handle 20 kA current surge at 15 V low voltage, making it an ideal and effective electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solution for high-power DC bus protection applications.

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2022-10-21, Boréas BOS1921 meets the requirements of ultra-thin PC touch panel for high-performance and low-cost tactile functions

Boréas Technologies launched the micro piezoelectric driver product BOS1921, which can provide independent operation and sensing functions for the piezoelectric tactile touch panel through a single chip. It is different from other piezoelectric drivers that need special force sensing electronic devices, which can save PC OEMs

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2022-10-20, Bourns flyback transformers can be customized with other output voltages, making them ideal for many applications

Bourns' Automotive grade BA60951CS transformer is designed with a minimum creepage distance of 8 mm and an operating voltage of 800 V, ideally suited for electric vehicle (EV) applications requiring high isolation voltages.

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2022-10-18, Bourns new high power shunt resistor

Bourns new high-power shunt resistor adopts metal induction pin, which is specially used for precise measurement in high current applications. The new shunt resistor is specially designed to provide a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for battery management system, high current industrial control and electric vehicle charging station

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2022-10-12, Bourns Announces Precise Positioning of High Power Shunt Resistors and Metal Sensor Pins in High Current Applications

Bourns announced the expansion of its CSM2F series power shunt resistor portfolio with the addition of 12 new series. These new series feature rivet through-hole metal sensing needles that meet the growing need for accurate positioning of voltage sensing points in high-current applications.

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2022-09-30, Boreas BOS1921 Meets Demand for High-Performance Low-Cost Haptic Functions in Ultra-thin PC Trackpads

Boreas Technologies has introduced the BOS1921 micro piezoelectric actuator, which provides autonomous operation and sensing capabilities for piezoelectric haptic trackpads in a single chip, unlike other piezoelectric actuators that require dedicated forcy-sensing electronics, bringing savings to PC Oems

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2022-09-28, Bourns Introduces High Current PTVS Diodes Capable of Handling 20 kA Inrush Current and Low Clamping Voltage

Bourns has introduced a bidirectional power Transient Voltage Suppressor (PTVS) diode designed for high-power DC line protection applications. The new model PTVS20-015C-TH is capable of handling 20 kA surges at a low voltage of 15 V, making it an ideal and effective electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solution for applications requiring high-power DC bus protection.

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2022-09-22, Bourns New High Power Resistor Series Demonstrates Excellent Pulse Loading Capability

Bourns New High Power Resistor Series Demonstrates Excellent Pulse Loading Capability, Reduced Resistor Temperature Coefficient for More Reliable Inrush Current Limit, CRG2512 Series AEC-Q200 Qualified Best Current Sensing Solution Using Metal Strip Resistor Assemblies , can provide very low inductance, wide resistance range