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Cirrus Logic Inc.の最新テクノロジー

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2023-02-24, A powerful, high quality speaker driver

The WM9001 is a powerful, high-quality speaker driver that can run in Class D or AB mode, giving system designers complete flexibility. Available in 3x3mm QFN packaging, ideal for portable systems such as mobile phones, portable navigation devices, media players, laptops and electronic dictionaries.

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2023-02-17, Single phase bidirectional power/energy integrated circuit

The CS5460A is a highly integrated power measurement solution that combines two analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), high-speed power computing capabilities, and a serial interface on a single chip. In automatic startup mode, the CS5460A reads calibration data and startup instructions from an external EEPROM. In this mode, the CS5460A can be operated without a microcontroller to reduce the total bill of materials cost.

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2023-01-14, 103-dB, 192-kHz, stereo audio ADC with 6:1 input Mux

The CS5346 integrates an analog multiplexer, programmable gain amplifier, and stereo audio analog-to-digital converter. The CS5346 performs stereo analog-to-digital (A/D) conve rsion of 24-bit serial values at sa mple rates up to 192 kHz.

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2023-01-08, 8-pin, 24-bit, 96 kHz stereo D/A converter

The CS4334 family members are complete, stereo digital-to-analog output systems including interpolation, 1-bit D/A conversion and output analog filtering in an 8-pin package. The CS4334/5/8/9 support all major audio data interface formats, and the individual devices differ only in the supported interface format

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2022-12-16, Low cost Ethernet LAN controller

The CS8900A is a low-cost Ethernet LAN Controller optimized for the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus and general purpose microcontroller busses. Its highlyintegrated design eliminates the need for costly external components required by other Ethernet controllers. The CS8900A includes on-chip RAM, 10BASE-T transmit and receive filters, and a direct ISA-Bus interface with 24 mA Drivers

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2022-11-06, Introduction, features, and applications of Cirrus Logic WM8904 Ultra low power, high performance stereo codec

Cirrus Logic's WM8904 is a high performance, ultra-low power stereo codec featuring a stereo ground reference headphone amplifier combined with a dual mode charge pump architecture to optimize efficiency and power consumption during playback

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2022-03-19, A new generation of digital dynamometers is now available

Chatillon has introduced a new generation of digital dynamometers :DF3 series. New series has a unique ergonomic design, to ensure the stability of the grip, provides a large, easy-to-read full-color display screen, clear reading and ICONS, simple navigation, help the user to become more efficient in mandatory testing some options including test setup functions, new series provides two models, available in several kinds of ability and 30 KHZ sampling rate.