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Microchip Technologyの最新テクノロジー

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2023-03-28, Microchip 8-pin 8-bit CMOS microcontroller

Microchip Technology's PIC12C5 is a low cost, high performance, 8-bit, fully static CMOS microcontroller series based on EEPROM/EPROM/ rom. It uses RISC architecture and has only 33 single word/single loop instructions. The 12-bit wide instructions are highly symmetrical, and the code is compressed 2:1 compared to other 8-bit microcontrollers of the same type. Easy-to-use and easy-to-remember instruction sets greatly reduce development time.

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2023-03-20, Quad 1.2A peak low side MOSFET driver

The MIC4467/8/9 family of four output CMOS buffer/drivers is an expansion from the earlier singleand dual-output drivers, to which they are functionally closely related. Because package pin count permitted it, each driver has been equipped with a dual input logic gate for added flexibility. Placing four high-power drivers in a single package also improves system reliability and reduces total system cost. In some applications, one of these drivers can replace not only two packages of single-input drivers, but some of the associated logic as well

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2023-03-17, Microchip expands its safety certification IC product line

Microchip announced the expansion of its security authentication product line with the launch of six new products in the CryptoAuthentication™ and CryptoAutomotive™ IC lines. These products comply with Common Standard Joint Interpretation Library (JIL) highly rated secure key stores and support authentication algorithms that comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

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2023-03-16, 2.7V Dual Channel 10-Bit A/D Converter with SPI Serial Interface

The MCP3002 is a continuous approximate 10-bit ADC with onboard sampling and holding circuits. The MCP3002 operates at a wide voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V. The low-current design allows for a typical standby current of 5 nA and a typical active current of 375µa. The MCP3002 is offered in 8-pin MSOP, PDIP, TSSOP and 150 mil SOIC packages.

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2023-03-16, 16/32 bit microcontroller

The AT91F40816 is a member of the Atmel AT91 16/32-bit microcontroller family, which is based on the ARM7TDMI processor core. The processor features a high-performance 32-bit RISC architecture, a high density 16-bit instruction set, and very low power consumption, and provides a powerful, flexible, and economical solution for many computation-intensive embedded control applications, and offers significant board size reduction.

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2023-03-11, High Performance CMOS(electrically Erasable) Programmable Logic Device (PLD)

The ATF20V8B is a high performance CMOS(electrically erasable) programmable logic device (PLD) using Atmel's proven electrically erasable flash memory technology. The speed can reach 7.5 ns and the power consumption is as low as 10 mA. All speed ranges are specified in excess of the 5V±10% industrial temperature range and 5V±5% commercial temperature range. Several low power options allow the selection of the best solution for various types of power limited applications.

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2023-03-07, PWM controller with 1A drive current capability

The MIC38HC4x family are fixed frequency current-mode PWM controllers with 1A drive current capability. Micrel’s BiCMOS devices are pin-compatible with 384x bipolar devices. Their high output drive, with fast rise and fall times, combined with low startup current make it an ideal PWM controller where high efficiency is required

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2023-02-27, The Microchip provides a high power density, 1 MHz PWM DC/DC boost regulator

The MIC2253 is a high power-density, 1 MHz PWM DC/DC boost regulator. The 3.5A minimum switch current limit, combined with a 1 MHz switching frequency, allows the MIC2253 to use smaller inductors and deliver high power in a tiny solution size.

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2023-02-24, Low voltage, high performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer

The AT89C1051 is a low-voltage, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer with 1K bytes of Flash programmable and erasable Read-only memory (PEROM). The device is manufactured using Atmel's high-density non-volatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry standard MCS-51 instruction set. Provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution for many embedded control applications

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2023-02-23, Microchip Technology low static current 500 mA μCap LDO regulator

The MIC5239 is a low quiescent current, µCap low-dropout regulator. With a maximum operating input voltage of 30V and a quiescent current of 23 µA, it is ideal for supplying keep-alive power in systems with high voltage batteries

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2023-02-20, Microchip 1.8V-3.3V low power precision CMOS oscillator

The DSC1001/3/4 is a s ilicon MEMS based CMOS family of oscillators that offers excellent jitter and stability performance over a wide range of supply voltages and temperatures. The device operates from 1 MHz to 150 MHz with supply voltages between 1.8 to 3.3 volts and temperature ranges up to –40°C to 105°C

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2023-02-20, Microchip offers 750mA low voltage step-down regulator

The MIC2937A family are “bulletproof” efficient voltage regulators with very low dropout voltage (typically 40mV at light loads and 300mV at 500mA), and very low quiescent current (160µA typical). The quiescent current of the MIC2937A increases only slightly in dropout, thus prolonging battery life. Key MIC2937A features include protection against reversed battery, fold-back current limiting, and automotive “load dump” protection (60V positive transient)

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2023-02-17, 8-bit serial input protects latch drivers

The MIC59P60 serial-input latched driver is a high-voltage (80V), high-current (500mA) integrated circuit comprised of eight CMOS data latches, a bipolar Darlington transistor driver for each latch, and CMOS control circuitry for the common CLEAR, STROBE, CLOCK, SERIAL DATA INPUT, and OUTPUT ENABLE functions. Similar to the MIC5842, additional protection circuitry supplied on this device includes thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout (UVLO), and overcurrent shutdown.

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2023-02-17, Microchip single chip OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) receiver IC

MICRF001 is a single-chip OOK (ON-OFF Keyed) receiver IC for remote wireless applications using Micrel's latest QwikRadiotm technology. The device is a true "antenna in, data out" monolithic device. Because MICRF001 is a true single chip radio receiver, it is very easy to apply, minimizes design and production costs, and reduces time to market.

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2023-02-16, N-Channel and P-Channel Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Pair

The TC6320 consists of high-voltage, low-threshold N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs in 8-lead SOIC and DFN packages. Both MOSFETs have integrated gate-to-source resistors and gate-to-source Zener diode clamps which are desired for high-voltage pulser applications.

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2023-02-13, Microchip offers 2.5A Synchronous Buck Regulator

The MIC2178 is a 200 kHz synchronous step-down (step-down) switching regulator designed for high-efficiency, battery-powered applications. In a 20-pin wide power SOIC package, the operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.

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2023-02-11, The voltage converter of the Microchip 100mA charging pump is shut down

The TC1121 is a charge pump converter with 100mA output current capability. It converts a 2.4V to 5.5V input to a corresponding negative output voltage. As with all charge pump converters, the TC1121 uses no inductors saving cost, size and EMI

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2023-02-11, Single channel, high current, low voltage, protected distribution switch

The MIC2042 and MIC2043 are high-side MOSFET switches optimized for general purpose power distribution applications which require circuit protection. The devices switch up to 5.5V and as low as 0.8V while offering both programmable current limiting and thermal shutdown to protect the device and the load.