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2015-08-25, Analog Devices - New SPDT switch and isolated IGBT gate driver launched (HMC1118LP3DE)

Analog Devices has introduced an absorptive single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch specified for the 9kHz to 13GHz frequency band, with high isolation of 48dB and low insertion-loss of 0.6dB at 8GHz operation. The HMC1118LP3DE is the first offering within ADI’s new RF and microwave control product portfolio to exhibit the inherent advantages of silicon process technology, which offers critical advantages over legacy GaAs (gallium-arsenide) RF switches.

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2015-08-25, Alliance – Legacy Micron 512M SDRAMs with original part numbers available to 2017 (MT48LC32M16A2P-75)

Alliance Memory has announced that its 32M x 16 MT48LC32M16A2P-75: C (commercial temperature), 32M x 16 MT48LC32M16A2P-75 IT:C (industrial temperature), 64M x 8 MT48LC64M8A2P-75:C (commercial temperature), and 64M x 8 MT48LC64M8A2P-75 IT:C (industrial temperature) 512M synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices, which the company recently acquired from Micron Semiconductor, will be available with their original Micron part numbers into 2017.

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2015-08-25, TRP Connector - Single-port jacks for demanding high-performance communication systems (5-6605758-1)

TRP Connector / Bel single-port jacks are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance communication environments. They are available in horizontal and vertical orientations, various speeds, and with single or bi-colour LEDs. TRP jacks offers the versatility and reliable solution for networking or mobile applications, says the company.

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2015-08-25, Artesyn - Cost-competitive 1kW power supplies for medical and industrial systems (LCM1000 series)

The latest addition to the popular LCM family of AC/DC power supplies from Artesyn Embedded Technologies is the LCM1000 series. The new 1000W models continue the family reputation for high efficiency and reliability at a competitive cost for industrial and medical equipment.

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2015-08-25, Texas Instruments - Bluetooth Smart SensorTag loT kit helps users realize cloud-connected ideas (CC2650STK)

The Texas Instruments’ CC2650STK SimpleLink Bluetooth Smart SensorTag loT Kit is designed to assist design engineers to realize cloud-connected product ideas. The new SensorTag now includes ten low power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. It is expandable with DevPacks to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators.

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2015-08-25, Texas Instruments - Quad 12-bit 50MSPS ADC with JESD204B interface (ADC34J2x family)

Texas Instruments’ ADC34J2x family devices are a high-linearity, ultra-low power, dual-channel, 12-bit, 50-MSPS to 160-MSPS, analog-to-digital converters. They are designed specifically to support demanding, high input frequency signals with large dynamic range requirements.

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2015-08-25, Honeywell - Digital humidity temperature sensors available with RH accuracy levels (HIH-4000-001)

Honeywell’s HumidIcon digital humidity / temperature sensors are available with RH accuracy levels between ±4.5%RH (HIH 6100 Series) up to ±1.7%RH (HIH 9000 series). Designers can now easily choose the right sensor with the right level of accuracy to meet total system needs, without compromising reliability.

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2015-08-25, Murata - Cost-effective 1W Insulated DC-DC converters for space-constrained designs (NXE1 series)

Murata’s cost-effective new NXE1 series 1W Insulated DC-DC converters have a profile 30% lower than the 7mm height industry norm, making them ideal for designs where space constraint is an issue. The NXE1 has the additional advantage over competing SMD DC-DC converters of being manufactured using automated processes that greatly improve overall product reliability and deliver consistent performance characteristics.

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2015-08-25, Lumileds - Compact chip-on-board LEDs suit directional lamps and spotlights (L2C3-5080105E06000)

Lumileds LUXEON chip-on-board (CoB) compact LEDs offer high flux densities from a very small light emitting surface (LES) which provides good centre beam candle power (CBCP). Available in three-step (80 and 90CIR) MacAdam ellipse to ensure uniform optical performance in retrofit lamps and spotlight applications.

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2015-08-25, ERNI – Enhanced gigabit Ethernet connector facilitates 10GbE applications

ERNI Electronics has added an enhanced gigabit Ethernet connector that facilitates 10GbE applications to its M12 connector portfolio. Providing reliable high-speed data transfer, the M12 X-Code connectors are designed for reliable and rugged industrial data communications applications.

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2015-08-25, ON Semiconductor - Small-footprint single N-channel power MOSFETs for compact designs (NTMFS6)

ON Semiconductor’s NTMFS6 single N-channel power MOSFETs feature a small footprint of just 5mm x 6mm for compact designs. Their Low RDS(on) minimizes conduction losses and a low QG and capacitance minimizes driver losses. The devices are Pb-free, halogen free/BFR free and are RoHS compliant.

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2015-08-25, Vishay - Dual inductors target Class D audio amplifier systems (AEC-Q200)

Vishay’s AEC-Q200-qualified low-profile, high-current IHLD-4032KB-5A Series dual inductors feature two inductors in one package with a shielded construction and low coupling for minimal cross-talk between inductors.

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2015-08-25, Cypress - High-performance synchronous SRAMs integrate ECC for superior reliability

Cypress has introduced what it believes is the industry’s highest-density synchronous SRAMs with on-chip error-correcting code (ECC). The integrated ECC feature enables the new 36Mb synchronous SRAMs to provide the highest levels of data reliability, simplifying designs for a wide variety of military, communication and data processing applications.

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2015-08-25, Microchip - First proven automotive-ready in-car Ethernet physical layer (MOST150)

Microchip has announced that the Volvo Car Group has migrated from MOST25 to the latest MOST150 standard in its all-new Volvo XC90 model, using Microchip’s OS81110 Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs). After many years of using Microchip’s MOST25 INICs, Volvo Cars needed to enable its latest infotainment systems with the ability to carry Ethernet packets.

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2015-08-25, Freescale - Tyre pressure monitors also suit ultra low-power wireless sensing systems (FXTH8715)

Freescale’s FXTH8715 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) are aimed at applications such as tyre pressure monitoring systems and ultra low-power wireless sensing. The highly-integrated TPMS offer the smallest package footprint on the market at 7mm x 7mm, says the company.

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2015-08-25, JAE Electronics - Waterproof micro connectors compatible with Micro-USB type 2.0 system (DX4 series)

JAE Electronics’ DX4 series waterproof micro connectors are compatible with the Micro-USB type 2.0 for small devices standardized by the USB Implementers Forum

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2015-08-25, Littelfuse - Self-protected devices can be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting systems (LSP05)

The Littelfuse LSP05 and LSP10 SPD surge-protection modules are self-protected devices that can be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient over-voltage protection. They are constructed with Littelfuse thermally-protected varistor technology.

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2015-08-25, Rohm - New shunt resistors developed for products with higher rated power (PSR Series)

This rise in demand has been fuelled by increasing computerisation in the automotive and industrial markets, along with the rapidly expanding current control application sector and the trend towards high-current circuit designs.