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2015-04-08, AVX – High-performance single-tine IDC contacts for harsh-environment applications

Single-contact version of its proven 9176 Series insulation displacement connectors (IDCs) have been introduced by AVX. The IDCs are widely recognized for providing highly-reliable, gas-tight wire-to-board connections in a range of harsh environment applications.

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2015-04-08, Taiwan Semiconductor – Easier access to discrete power rectifiers, analogue ICs, voltage references and more (687-5803)

The Taiwan Semiconductor range includes discrete power rectifiers, analogue ICs, voltage references, sensors, linear and switching regulators, op-amps, comparators, and lighting ICs.

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2015-04-08, Silicon Labs – New family of high-speed multi-channel digital isolators (Si88xx series)

Designed to provide a complete, highly-integrated solution for signal and power isolation, a new family of high-speed, multi-channel digital isolators has been unveiled by Silicon Labs.

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2015-04-08, Vishay – Low-profile solid tantalum SMD chip capacitors in smaller packages

With new devices featuring smaller case sizes and lower profiles, Vishay has announced that it has broadened its offering of solid tantalum surface-mount moulded chip capacitors. The TMCJ and TMCP are offered in the J (1608-09) and P (2012-12) case sizes, respectively, while the TMCU is available in the ultra-flat, low-profile UA (3216-12) and UB (3528-12) packages.

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2015-04-08, AVX – Highest-Q 01005 MLCCs available for UHF-band applications

Introduced as the highest-Q 01005 MLCC available on today's market for ultra high frequency (UHF) band applications (300MHz–3GHz), AVX has unveiled the new CU Series.

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2015-03-31, Wearable technology can help with public speaking

Speaking in public is the top fear for many people. Now, researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Rochester have developed an intelligent user interface for "smart glasses" that gives real-time feedback to the speaker on volume modulation and speaking rate, while being minimally distracting.

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2015-03-31, Analysts Cool on Intel/Altera Combo

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Wall Street’s excitement on Friday over reports x86 giant Intel Corp. was in talks to acquire FPGA maker Altera has left some analysts cold on Monday morning.

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2015-03-31, Researchers Claim 44x Power Cuts

PORTLAND, Ore.-- Researchers sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC, Research Triangle Park, N.C.) claim they have extended Moore's Law by finding a way to cut serial link power by as much as 80 percent. The innovation at the University of Illinois (Urbana) is a new on/off transceiver to be used on chips, between chips, between boards and between servers at data centers.

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2015-03-31, Microchip – MOST150 INICs enable cost-effective smart antenna module coaxial connectivity (MOST150)

Microchip has announced that the MOST Cooperation has released its MOST150 Technology Coaxial Physical Layer specification.

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2015-03-31, Maxim – Temperature sensor is more flexible, robust and lower-cost than discretes (MAXREFDES42#)

Maxim Integrated's new IO-Link smart temperature sensor reference design lowers cost and increases uptime for industrial control and automation, says the company.

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2015-03-31, Diodes Inc. – Single-channel comparator for low-voltage battery-powered equipment (AZV3001)

The new generation AZV3001 single-channel comparator, from Diodes Incorporated, has been specifically developed for use in battery-powered equipment that needs to operate at low voltage.

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2015-03-31, Solar Impulse lands in China after 22-hour flight from Myanmar

Solar Impulse 2 landed early Tuesday in China, the world's biggest carbon emitter, as it completed the fifth leg of its landmark circumnavigation of the globe powered solely by the sun.

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2015-03-25, TI’s 32-bit 'Successor' to the 16-bit MCU

This week, Texas Instruments (TI) rolled out its MSP432, a 32-bit alternative to the 16-bit MSP430 family of microcontrollers. It is also a new ARM-based MCU family designed to provide both MSP430 and ARM M0 developers migration paths to a more powerful and feature laden - but low power - architecture.

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2015-03-24, Three Technologies for Harvesting Ambient Energy

We are entering an era when scavenging tiny amounts of power from the environment can power small devices to do extraordinary tasks. The needs of the Internet of Things and the advent of lower-cost components are moving energy-harvesting systems from niche applications to broad-scale practicality.

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2015-03-24, UK design firm targets 14nm chips in China

UK-based chip design firm Sondrel is expanding its global business with investments in China targeted at sub-28nm IC designs.

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2015-03-24, XMOS ships first xCore200

XMOS has announced the launch of the XCORE-200, a Gigabit Ethernet enabled family of multicore MCUs. The devices integrate 16 32bit RISC cores and are said to be the first 10/100/1000 Ethernet solutions which offer a programmable MAC layer and webserver support.

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2015-03-24, Polystyrene packaging waste used to create carbon electrodes for Li-ion batteries

The polystyrene used in packaging has proved a headache when it comes to disposal. There are few recycling options, which means the material usually ends up in landfill.

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2015-03-21, Electronic waste has energy value

Using discarded electronic boards, the UPV/EHU researcher Andoni Salbidegoitia has, in collaboration with international researchers, developed a system for obtaining clean hydrogen that can be used as fuel. The researchers have already registered the patent of the process in Japan.