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Analog Devices Precision Low Drift Low Noise Buffered Reference

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投稿日: 2023-02-07, Analog Devices Inc.

The LTC6652 series Precision, low drift, low noise reference standards are fully specified in the temperature range -40°C to 125°C. High-order curvature compensation allows these references to achieve low drift of less than 5ppm/°C, with predictable temperature characteristics and ±0.05% output voltage accuracy.

Typical Application


Open-Drain Shutdown Circuit


References are provided in 8-pin MSOP packages and 8-pin LS8 packages. The LS8 is a 5mm x 5mm surface-mounted sealed package that provides excellent stability. Overtemperature performance should appeal to automotive, high-performance industrial and other high-temperature applications.

Block Diagram


The LTC6652 reference voltage can be supplied from a supply voltage of up to 13.2V. They feature low noise, excellent load regulation, source sink capability and excellent line suppression, making them a superior choice for applications requiring high precision. The off mode reduces power consumption when no reference is needed. Optional output capacitors can be turned off when space constraints are critical.