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Low frequency to 4 GHz high linear Y-type mixers

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投稿日: 2023-01-12, Analog Devices Inc.

The ADL5350 is a highly linear, up-down mixer capable of operating over a wide input frequency range. Use 2 mm x 3 mm, 8 pin LFCSP. Operating temperature range, −40°C to +85°C. There is also an evaluation board. It is well suited to cellular base station mixer designs that require high sensitivity and effective blocking immunity. Based on a GaAs pHEMT single-ended mixer architecture, the ADL5350 provides excellent input linearity and low noise without the need for high power level LO drivers.

Functional block diagram


Typical conversion loss of the ADL5350 in 850 MHz/900 MHz receiving applications is only 6.7 dB. The input IP3 is generally greater than 25dbm and the input compression point is 19dbm. Integrated LO amplifiers allow low LO drive levels, usually only 4 dBm for most applications.

The ADL5350's high input linearity makes the device an excellent mixer for communication systems that require high interference, such as GSM 850 MHz/900 MHz and 800 MHz CDMA2000. At 2 GHz, a slightly larger supply current is required to achieve similar performance. Single-ended broadband RF/IF ports allow devices to customize the required operating band using a simple network of external filters.

Simplified Schematic


LO-to-RF isolation is LO suppression based on RF port filter network. Higher isolation can be achieved by using a network of higher-order filters, as described in the Application Information section. The ADL5350 is manufactured by GaAs pHEMT high performance integrated circuit process.