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250 MHz, 10 ns switching multiplexer with amplifier

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投稿日: 2023-01-08, Analog Devices Inc.

      The AD8170(2:1) and the AD8174(4:1) are very high speed buffer multiplexers. These multiplexers provide an internal current feedback output amplifier whose gain can be programmed through an external resistor and are capable of providing 50 mA of output current.

      They provide 250 MHz of -3 dB signal bandwidth and conversion rates greater than 1000 V/µs. In addition, the AD8170 and AD8174 have excellent video specifications with low differential gain and differential phase errors of 0.02% and 0.05°, and flatness of 0.1 dB to 80 MHz. With low 78 dB crosstalk and superior 88 dB isolation, these devices are very useful in many high-speed applications. These low power devices consume only 9.7 mA from a ±5 V power supply.

    The AD8174 provides a high-speed disable feature that allows the output to enter a high-impedance state in the cascade cascade phase in order to close the channel without loading the output bus. In addition, the AD8174 can be turned off (SD) when not in use to minimize power consumption (IS = 1.5 mA). These products will be available in 8-pin and 14-pin PDIP and SOIC packages.