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6 channel, 14 bit, 1.5Msps synchronous sampling ADC with off

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投稿日: 2023-04-01, Linear Technology

The LTC2351-14 is a 14-bit, 1.5Msps ADC with six sampled differential inputs simultaneously. The device is only available from a single 3V power source at 5.5mA and is packaged in a miniature 32-pin (5mm × 5mm) QFN. The sleep shutdown mode further reduces power consumption to 12μW. The combination of low power consumption and small package makes the LTC2351-14 suitable for portable applications.

Pin arrangement


The LTC2351-14 contains six independent differential inputs that sample simultaneously on the rising edge of the CONV signal. The six sampled inputs are then converted at a rate of 250ksps per channel. 83dB common-mode suppression allows the user to eliminate ground loop and common-mode noise by measuring signals that differ from the source.

The device converts 0V to a 2.5V unipolar input, or ±1.25V bipolar input also varies, depending on the state of the BIP pins. Any analog input can swing between tracks as long as the differential input range is maintained. Depending on the logical state of the SEL2, SEL1, and SEL0 inputs, the transition sequence can be simplified to convert fewer than six channels. The serial interface sends 6 conversion results in 96 clocks for compatibility with the standard serial interface  

Block diagram




● 1.5Msps ADC with six simultaneous sampling Differential input

● 250ksps throughput per channel

● 75dB SINAD

● Low power consumption :16.5mW

● 3V single power supply

● 2.5V internal bandgap reference, can overdrive External reference

● The three-wire spi is compatible with serial interfaces

● Internal conversion is triggered by CONV

● Sleep (12μW) Shutdown mode

● NAP (4.5mW) Shutdown Mode

● 0V to 2.5V unipolar, or ±1.25V bipolar differential Input range

● 83dB common mode suppression

● Miniature 32-pin (5mm x 5mm) QFN package


● Multiphase power measurement

● Polyphase motor control

● Data acquisition system

● Uninterruptible power supply

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