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Analog Devices 8 bit, high speed, multiplicative D/A converter

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投稿日: 2023-02-10, Analog Devices Inc.

The DAC08 series 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converters offer very high speed performance, low cost and excellent application flexibility. Advanced circuit design achieves 85 ns resolution time, very low fault energy and low power consumption. The monotone multiplier performance achieves a wide reference current range of 20 to 1.

In most applications, matching to 1 LSB between the reference current and the full-scale current eliminates the need for full-scale fine-tuning. Through high swing, adjustable threshold logic input, directly interface to all popular logic families, with complete anti-interference. Provides high voltage compatible complementary current output for increased versatility and enables differential operation to effectively double peak-to-peak output swing. In many applications, the output can be converted directly to voltage without the need for an external op-amp.

Functional block diagram


All DAC08 series models are guaranteed full 8-bit monotony and have nonlinearity accurate to ±0.1% over the entire operating temperature range. In the ± 4.5V to ± 18V power supply range, the device performance is basically unchanged, and the power consumption of 33mw can be achieved at ± 5V power supply. The compact size and low power consumption make the DAC08 attractive for portable and military/aerospace applications; Class B devices that comply with MIL-STD-883 are available.

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DAC08 applications include 8-bit, 1µs A/D converters, servo motors and pen drivers, waveform generators, audio encoders and attenuators, analog instrument drivers, programmable power supplies, LCD display drivers, high-speed modems, and other applications that require low cost, high speed, and complete input/output versatility.

Interfaces to various logical families