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Dual phase, fast pwm controller for AMD Mobile Turion 64 CPU core power

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投稿日: 2023-03-23, Maxim Integrated

The MAX8760 is a dual-phase fast pwm step-down controller for 6-bit VID AMD Mobile Turion 64 CPU core power supply. Available in a 40-pin 6mm x 6mm thin QFN package. Biphasic operation reduces input ripple current requirements and output voltage ripple while alleviating component selection and layout difficulties. Fast pwm control scheme provides instantaneous response to fast load current step.

Pin Configuration


The MAX8760 includes active voltage positioning with adjustable gain and bias, reducing power consumption and the requirement for large output capacitance. And suitable for two different laptop CPU core applications: directly reduce the battery or reduce the 5V system power to create the core voltage. The single-stage conversion method allows the device to directly depressurize the high-voltage battery for maximum efficiency. Alternatively, a two-stage conversion at a higher switching frequency (reducing the 5V system power instead of the battery) can provide the smallest physical size possible.

The MAX8760 meets AMD's desktop and mobile CPU specifications. Switching regulators have soft start and power-on sequence and soft close. The MAX8760 also has a separate four-level logic input for setting the pause voltage (S0, S1). The MAX8760 includes output undervoltage protection, thermal protection, and voltage regulator power ok (VROK) output. When any of these protection functions detects a failure, the controller shuts down.


● Dual phase fast pwm controller

● ±0.75% VOUT accuracy over line, load and Temperature (1.3v)

● Active voltage positioning with adjustable gain Sum offset

● 6-bit onboard DAC: 0.375V ~ 1.55V output Adjustment range

● 100 KHZ / 200 KHZ / 300 KHZ / 550 KHZ is optional Switching frequency

● Battery input voltage range :4V to 28V

● Adjustable turn-back control

● Drives large synchronous rectifier mosfet

● Undervoltage and thermal failure protection

● Power sequencing and timing

● Optional pause voltage

● Soft startup and soft shutdown

● Single or biphase pulse skipping is optional


● 6-bit VID AMD Mobile Turion 64 CPU

● Multiphase CPU core supply

● Voltage positioning step-down converter

● Server/desktop computer