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Four-channel 12-bit serial voltage output DAC from Analog Devices

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投稿日: 2023-02-07, Analog Devices Inc.

The DAC8420 is a four-way 12-bit voltage-output DAC in a 16-pin package with a serial digital interface. The monolithic device uses BiCMOS technology with high circuit density and low power consumption. Simple, easy-to-use serial digital inputs and fully buffered analog voltage outputs require no external components to achieve specified performance. 3-wire serial digital inputs are easy to connect to microprocessors running at 10mhz, requiring very little additional circuitry.

Functional block diagram


The DAC8420 is available in 16-pin PDIP, SOIC, and CERDIP packages. The specified power supply range is + 5v to ±15v, and the reference values are + 2.5V to ±10v respectively. Power consumption is less than 255mw(Max.) when using ±15v power supply and only 35mw(Max.) when using + 5v power supply

Burn-In Diagram


Each DAC is individually addressed by a 16-bit serial word consisting of a 12-bit data word and an address header. The user programmable reset control CLR forces all four Dacs to output to zero or medium size, asynchronously overwriting the current DAC register value. The output voltage range is determined by the input VREFHI and VREFLO, and users set the positive or negative monopole or bipolar signal fluctuations within the power supply, allowing considerable design flexibility.

Timing Diagram