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Intersil - High-current switching regulators adopted for new smartphone

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投稿日: 2016-09-16, Intersil
 Intersil announced the use of the company's ISL91110 switching regulator in Huawei's new P9 smartphone. The ISL91110 buck-boost switching regulator uses a proprietary full-synchronous four-switch architecture to power critical peripheral power system peripherals in a P9 dual-camera smartphone. This advanced architecture enables a seamless transition from buck to boost and provides up to 2.5A of output current at the lowest single-cell lithium-ion battery voltage to extend battery life. "Intersil has made groundbreaking advancements in power management that directly address the increasing complexity and power requirements of smartphones and other mobile devices," said Andrew Cowell, senior vice president of Intersil mobile power products. "Our latest series of buck-boost switching regulators is one of several key building blocks to help leading smartphone innovators like Huawei achieve their design goals." ISL911xx Buck-Boost Switching Regulator's Ultra-Fast Transient Response Enables Handheld Devices to Handle Large Current Bursts and Transient Voltages from Battery Voltages, Reliable Operation of the System Under All Load Conditions, Improving Users Experience. The company said that Intersil's buck-boost regulators also take up very little space and require few external components.