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Intersil - High-efficiency monolithic synchronous step-down DC-DC converter (ISL8018)

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投稿日: 2016-03-25, Intersil
Intersil's ISL8018 synchronous buck regulator. Efficient monolithic synchronous step-down DC-DC converter can provide continuous output current up to 8A from 2.7V to 5.5V input power. The output voltage is adjustable from 0.6V to VIN. The ISL8018 provides both SYNCIN and SYNCOUT functions, allowing multiple regulators to operate simultaneously at the same frequency. The phase can also be adjusted so that the on-times do not overlap, which reduces input RMS current, input capacitor requirements, ripple, and improves EMI and efficiency. ISL8018 has VSET function, which is the output margin setting. By simply converting VSET from floating point to high to compensate for the IR drop of the output, the output can be increased by 10%. When VSET is set low to reduce output power consumption, the output can be reduced by 10%. The ISL8018 has ISET function and can adjust output current limit to support 8A, 5A and 3A applications. Leverage a design to increase volume and reduce costs. The inductor design reduces the board area without increasing the size. Applications include DC-DC PoL modules, μC / μP, FPGA and DSP power systems, plug-in DC-DC modules for routers / switchers, portable instruments, test and measurement systems, and lithium-ion battery-powered devices.