Intersil - Single-phase, synchronous buck PWM controller has fast transient performance (ISL68201IRZ-T7A) | Heisener Electronics
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Intersil - Single-phase, synchronous buck PWM controller has fast transient performance (ISL68201IRZ-T7A)

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投稿日: 2016-07-14, Intersil
ISL68201 is a single-phase, synchronous step-down PWM controller with Intersil's proprietary R4 technology. It supports a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 24V and a wide output range of 0.5V to 5.5V. The integrated LDO provides the controller bias voltage, allowing a single supply. ISL68201 includes a PMBus / SMBus / I2C interface for device configuration as well as telemetry and fault reporting. Their R4 control scheme has extremely fast transient performance, precisely adjusted frequency control and all internal compensation. Enhanced efficiency PFM mode can be enabled to greatly improve light load efficiency. This series of buses can easily achieve R4 loop optimization to achieve fast transient performance in a wide range of applications including all ceramic output filters. The device has four 8-bit configuration pins that provide very flexible configuration options without the need for built-in NVM memory. This results in a design flow that closely matches traditional analog controllers, while still providing the design flexibility and feature set of digital PMBus / SMBus / I2C interfaces. The device also has a remote voltage detection function that completely eliminates any potential difference between remote and local ground. This improves regulation and protection accuracy. The precision enable input can be used to coordinate the startup of the controller with other voltage rails, which is especially useful for power sequencing.