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Linear Technology offers a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling a /D converter

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投稿日: 2023-02-03, Analog Devices Inc.

The LTC1420 is a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling a /D converter that extracts only 250mW from a single 5V or dual ±5V power supply. This easy-to-use device includes a high dynamic range sampling and holding, an accuracy reference and a PGA input circuit.

Typical application


The LTC1420 has a flexible input circuit that allows a full range of ±2.048V±1.024V and ±0.512V input. The input common-mode voltage is arbitrary, but provides a reference voltage of 2.5V for single-supply applications. The input PGA has a digital optional double or double gain. Maximum DC specifications include ±1LSB INL and ±1LSB DNL overtemperature. Excellent AC performance includes 71dB S/(N + D) and 83dB SFDR at Nyquist input frequency 5MHz.

Function block diagram


The unique differential input sampling and hold can acquire single-ended or differential input signals up to their 100MHz bandwidth. 75dB common-mode suppression allows the user to eliminate ground loop and common-mode noise by measuring signals that differ from the source. A separate output logic power supply allows direct connection to 3V components.

Timing diagram