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Microchip unveiled a new all-in-one hybrid drive module designed for electric aviation applications

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投稿日: 2023-02-01, Microchip Technology

Aircraft manufacturers designing multi-electric aircraft (MEA) want to switch flight control systems from hydraulic to electric to reduce weight and design complexity. In response to the demand for integrated and configurable power solutions for aviation applications, Microchip Technology announced the launch of a new integrated hybrid drive module, the first model in a new line of power device products. The line of products will come in 12 different models using silicon carbide (SiC) mosFETs or insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).

These hybrid drive modules are highly integrated power semiconductor devices, reducing the number of components and simplifying the overall system design. This configurable family of devices includes a three-bridge topology and is available in SiC or Si semiconductor technology. The new family of devices is reliable, compact and lightweight, helping to reduce the size and weight of multi-electric aircraft.

Other key features of these hybrid drive modules include a wealth of auxiliary power devices to facilitate the inrush current limit function. Optional additional features include soft start, solenoid valve interface drive, regenerative brake switch, and thermal sensor for external monitoring circuits. These drive modules also enable high switching frequency power generation, making the system smaller and more efficient.

The standard voltage range of the power module is 650V to 1200V, and can be customized up to 1700V. The device is designed with low inductance, enabling high power density, and the power and signal connectors can be soldered directly onto the user's printed circuit board.

"Microchip is committed to providing the aviation industry with cornerstone products that facilitate the deployment of lighter, more compact and more efficient system solutions," said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip's Discrete Power Management business unit. The hybrid drive module will provide a comprehensive power solution for customers designing multi-electric aircraft."

Microchip is a mature integrated power solution supplier in the industry. These hybrid drive modules can be easily configured with Microchip's other products and components, such as field programmable gate arrays (FPgas), memory ics, motor drive controllers, and motor drive monitoring ics.