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Renesas Low Noise 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC

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投稿日: 2023-01-14, Renesas Electronics America

The ISL26102 and ISL26104 offer a low noise programmable gain amplifier as well as a 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC with two channel (ISL26102) or four channel (ISL26104) differential multiplex input.

Pin Configurations


The device has excellent noise performance with conversion rates ranging from 2.5Sps to 4kSps. On-chip low-noise programmable gain amplifiers provide gain ranges from 1 to 128 and support ±19.5mVFS from a 5V reference. High input impedance allows direct connection of sensors, such as weighing sensor Bridges, to ensure specified measurement accuracy without the need for additional circuits.

Block diagram


Using a third-order modulator, the Delta-Sigma ADC provides up to 21.5 bit noise-free performance (10Sps) at a user-selected word rate. The converter can be operated from an external clock source, an external crystal (usually 4.9152MHz), or an on-chip oscillator. The ISL26102 and ISL26104 are packaged in a thin shrink profile package (TSSOP). The device is designed to operate in the vehicle temperature range (-40°C to +105°C) and also provides an easy-to-use serial interface