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STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV iNEMO Inertial Module

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投稿日: 2022-11-24, STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV iNEMO inertial module is a system package with a three-axis digital gyroscope and a three-axis digital accelerometer. It has a three core for processing acceleration and angular rate data on three independent channels, with dedicated configuration, filtering and processing. The LSM6DSV improves the performance of 0.65mA in the high-performance mode, and supports the low power consumption function of always on, providing consumers with the best sports experience. The device incorporates advanced specialized functions such as finite state machines and data filtering for OIS, EIS and motion processing.

Pin description


LSM6DSV supports major operating system requirements and provides real, virtual and batch mode sensors. 2.5mm can be used ×  3.0mm  ×  0.83 mm small plastic land grid array (LGA) package to solve the ultra compact solution. In addition, LSM6DSV can effectively run the sensor related functions specified in Android, saving power and achieving faster response time. In particular, LSM6DSV has been designed to implement hardware functions such as significant motion detection, static/motion detection, tilt, pedometer functions, and time stamps to support data acquisition from external sensors.

Connection modes


The LSM6DSV provides hardware flexibility to connect pins with different modes of connection to external sensors to expand functions, such as adding sensor hubs, auxiliary SPI, etc. LSM6DSV provides advanced design flexibility for OIS and EIS applications. Both channels have a dedicated processing path with independently filtered and enhanced EIS channel gyroscope data, which are read through the main interface I2C/MIPI I3Cv1.1/SPI.

Accelerometer block diagram