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STMicroelectronics STM32G0 Series Single Chip Microcomputer

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投稿日: 2022-11-02, STMicroelectronics

    STMicroelectronics' STM32G0 series microcontroller (mcu) based on Arm Cortex-M0+has been upgraded in 32-bit performance and integration, and has the core functions of STM32 family, which is particularly suitable for cost sensitive applications. STM32G0 MCU combines the real-time performance of STM32 platform, the operation of very low power consumption, and advanced architecture and peripherals.

     The STM32G0x0 value line is highly competitive in the traditional 8-bit and 16 bit markets, and embedded with an accurate internal clock, allowing further cost savings. It eliminates the need to manage different architectures and associated development overhead. The STM32G0 series supports the concept of "one architecture for all", and is efficient, robust and simple. It can also provide 16 Kb to 512 Kb flash memory and 8-pin to 100 pin package to meet the needs of various applications and segments.

      STM32G0x1 line provides upgraded simulation function and prepares upgraded security function for the Internet of Things. It provides a wide range of memory sizes, voltages, and packaging, providing flexibility for cost sensitive applications.