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Infineon Technologiesの最新テクノロジー

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2023-05-18, Infineon acquires Imagimob, a leader in micro-machine learning

Infineon Technologies has announced that it has acquired Stockholm-based start-up Imagimob LTD., a leading platform provider that enables the development of machine learning (ML) solutions on edge devices. With this acquisition, Infineon further strengthens its position as a provider of world-class machine learning solutions and significantly expands its AI product lineup.

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2023-05-17, A new generation of dual-channel isolated grid driver IC that improves the performance of SMPS designed systems

To meet the latest technologies such as gallium nitride (GaN) power switches for high-voltage DC-DC power conversion, Infineon Technologies has introduced a new family of dual-channel electrically isolated EiceDRIVER™ gate driver IC products.

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2023-05-16, Infineon's high-power modules help to drive energy saving electrified trains to decarburize

To meet global climate targets, transport must switch to greener vehicles, such as fuel-efficient electrified trains. However, trains operate under harsh operating conditions, requiring frequent acceleration and braking and reliable operation over a long service life. Therefore, they require energy efficient traction applications with high power density, high reliability and high quality. Infineon Technologies has responded to these needs by adding two new products to its CoolSiC™ power module portfolio: FF2000UXTR33T2M1 and FF2600UXTR33T2M1

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2023-05-16, Infineon launches new IC for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies Inc. introduces the OptiMOS™ 7 40V MOSFET family. As Infineon's newest generation of power mosFeTs for automotive applications, OptiMOS™ 7 40V MosFeTs offer a variety of pin-free, rugged power packages. The product line uses 300mm thin wafer technology and innovative packaging, which offers significant performance advantages over other devices that are microencapsulated.

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2023-05-15, The new wireless charging transmitter IC is the ideal choice for charging applications with power up to 50 W

Wireless charging has become an integral part of today's battery-powered applications, bringing an easy-to-use, user-friendly experience to portable products across a wide range of industries. Infineon further expands its Wireless charging (WLC) controller IC product lineup with the introduction of the new WLC1150 Wireless charging Transmitter IC, providing a highly integrated, easy-to-design and cost-effective solution for applications requiring greater wireless power transmission capabilities.

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2023-05-12, Infineon OPTIGA Trust M iot Security Development suite

Infineon's OPTIGA™ Trust M iot security development suite. OPTIGA™ Trust M iot Security Development Suite is used to develop and evaluate end-to-end security use cases for smart homes, industrial automation, and enterprise devices, among others.

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2023-05-11, Infineon and Foxconn are working together on electric vehicles

Infineon Technologies AG, a global leader in automotive semiconductors, and FoxconnTechnology Group, the world's largest technology manufacturer and service provider, announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a long-term partnership in the field of electric vehicles. The two sides will work together to develop electric vehicles with high energy efficiency and advanced intelligent features.

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2023-05-10, SECORA™ Pay portfolio with 28nm chip technology

Infineon Technologies extends the technology process of the SECORA™ Pay solution portfolio to 28nm. Innovative product design enables Infineon to further break the limits of payment card technology. In doing so, the product also provides the latest technology in a reliable sourcing option for payment ecosystems in major regional markets. The new product family is the first of its kind in the market to apply the leading 28 nm chip technology to embedded nonvolatile memory.

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2023-05-09, Infineon introduces the new EiceDRIVER 1200 V half-bridge driver IC series

Following the EiceDRIVER™ 6ED223xS12T series of Silicon on Insulator (SOI) three-phase gate drivers, Infineon now further expands its product portfolio with the EiceDRIVER 2ED132xS12x series. The half-bridge configuration of the drive IC family complements the existing 1200V SOI family, providing customers with more choice as well as design flexibility.

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2023-05-09, A new automotive power module for electric vehicle traction inverter

Infineon Technologies introduces a new automotive power module, HybridPACK™ Drive G2. The module inherits the mature HybridPACK Drive G1 integrated B6 package concept, offering scalability at the same size and scaling to higher power and ease of use. The HybridPACK Drive G2 family comes in different current and voltage ratings (750 V and 1200 V) and uses Infineon's next generation chip technologies, EDT3 (Silicon IGBT) and CoolSiC™ G2 MOSFET.

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2023-05-09, Infineon's new NFC tag side controller integrates sensing and energy capture capabilities

Infineon's NGC1081 will further expand its portfolio of NFC tag side controllers. This new single-chip IC solution enables Internet of Things industry customers to develop lower cost and smaller smart edge computing/sensing devices, ultimately maximizing benefits for end users and manufacturers.

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2023-05-08, Infineon's QDPAK and DDPAK Top cooling packages suitable for high power applications are registered as JEDEC standard

Infineon Technologies has announced that QDPAK and DDPAK Top Cooled (TSC) packages for its high-voltage MOSFET devices have been successfully registered as JEDEC standard. This move not only further strengthens Infineon's goal to extend the standard package design and shape of the TSC package to a wide range of new designs, but also gives Oems more flexibility and advantage to create differentiated products in the market and raise power density to even higher levels to support a variety of applications.

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2023-05-08, Infineon unveils a new automotive power module for traction inverters for electric vehicles

Infineon Technologies has released a new power module for the car :HybridPACK Drive G2. It builds on its established HybridPACK Drive G1 concept in the integrated B6 package, offering scalability in the same footprint and extending it to higher power and ease of use.

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2023-05-06, Infineon introduces support for in-car charging applications and advanced multimedia sharing

Infineon Technologies Inc. introduced EZ-PD™ CCG7D, a dual-port USB-C PD (charging) solution that integrates a boost controller for on-board charging applications, meets the latest USB Type-C and PD3.1 specifications and is AEC Q-100 certified. This USB-C PD solution can be used specifically for automotive applications that support Display port, or USB-C Alternate mode.

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2023-05-06, Infineon develops supercomputers for highly automated, connected cars

Infineon has launched SEMPER™ Nano NOR Flash memory. The memory is specially optimized for use in small, battery-powered electronic devices. New wearable and industrial applications such as fitness trackers, smart headsets, health monitors, drones and GPS navigation are emerging, helping to achieve more functions such as accurate tracking, recording critical information, enhancing security and reducing noise

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2023-05-05, Infineon has signed a wafer and ingot supply agreement with Chinese silicon carbide supplier Tianke Heda

Infineon Technologies is diversifying its silicon carbide (SiC) supplier system and has entered into a long-term agreement with Chinese sic supplier Beijing Tianke Heda Semiconductor Co., LTD. (" Tianke Heda ") to secure additional and competitive supply of SIC materials.

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2023-04-28, Infineon unveils its new i-ToF image sensor to help create a smaller 3D camera system

Infineon Technologies and Uplander (pmd), a quality partner specializing in 3D ToF, have jointly launched the IRS2877C ToF VGA sensor, a performance advanced version of the IRS2976C Time of Flight (ToF) VGA sensor. The sensor is a new addition to the REAL3™ family of products.

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2023-04-26, The first LPDDR flash memory for the next generation of automotive electronic and electrical architecture

Infineon Technologies has launched the industry's first LPDDR flash memory to help build the next generation of automotive electronic and electrical (E/E) architecture. Infineon SEMPER™ X1 LPDDR Flash provides critical secure, reliable, and real-time code execution for automotive domain and area controllers. The device delivers up to 8 times the performance of current NOR flash memory and a 20-fold increase in random read transaction speed for real-time applications. This enables software-defined vehicles with advanced features that enhance safety and architectural flexibility