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ON Semiconductorの最新テクノロジー

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2023-09-22, High-performance silicon carbide (SiC) devices address ongoing challenges

SiC band Gap (WBG) devices are critical for applications such as automotive and renewable energy today. As our world moves towards using sustainable energy sources (mainly electricity), energy efficiency is more important than ever.

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2023-08-25, Brushless motor drivers that provide robot power

The robot must be equipped with multiple motors to be able to move the main body of the robot or the arms and limbs of the robot, which use the brushless direct current motor (BLDC) as the mainstream, in order to efficiently drive the brushless motor, it is necessary to choose the appropriate brushless motor driver. This article will introduce you to the characteristics and selection points of brushless motors and drives, as well as the product features of brushless motor drives from onsemi.

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2023-08-16, Highly integrated, maximum motor control drive flexibility

BLDC motor is a rotary motor consisting of a three-phase armature winding on the stator and a permanent magnet on the rotor. The mechanical structure of the BLDC motor is opposite to that of the traditional permanent magnet brushed DC motor. The rotor is equipped with a permanent magnet and the stator is equipped with a motor winding. However, as the name suggests, BLDC motors have no brushes and require no regular maintenance or replacement, making them less susceptible to wear and tear

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2023-08-14, Design energy-efficient AC-DC power supplies without MCU (and coding)

The power grid is designed to run on alternating current for a number of reasons, but almost every device needs direct current to operate. As a result, AC-DC power supplies are almost everywhere, and with increased environmental awareness and rising energy prices, the efficiency of such power supplies is essential to reduce operating costs and rational use of energy.

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2023-08-04, Who should I use for IGBT and MOSFET? Did you choose the right one?

Semiconductor power devices mainly include power diode, power triode, thyristor, MOSFET, IGBT and so on. Among them, MOSFET and IGBT belong to voltage controlled switching devices, which have the advantages of fast switching speed, easy driving and low loss. The full name of IGBT is an insulated gate type power tube, which is a composite full-controlled voltage-driven semiconductor power device composed of bipolar triode (BJT) and MOSFET, and has the advantages of high input impedance of MOSFET and low on-voltage drop of BJT.

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2023-05-18, Onsemi has signed a strategic SiC supply agreement with charging supplier Kempower

Onsemi, a smart power and sensing technology provider, announced that it will supply Kempower with onsemi EliteSiC SIC MosFEts and diodes for scalable electric vehicle (EV) chargers under a new strategic agreement. The ongoing collaboration between the two companies enables Kempower's suite of EV charging solutions to employ a variety of power semiconductor technologies, including onsemi's EliteSiC.

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2023-05-12, Advances the development of next-generation Advanced Driver assistance Systems (ADAS) for automotive image sensors

Onsemi introduces the Hyperlux line of automotive image sensors with a 2.1µm pixel size, industry-leading 150dB ultra-high dynamic range (HDR) and LED flicker reduction (LFM) capabilities to deliver high performance, high speed and advanced features across the temperature range of automotive applications. Advancing the development of the next generation of Advanced Driver assistance systems (ADAS). HyperLux also supports a smooth transition to L2+ level autopilot, which only requires the driver to take over the wheel when alerted by the technology.

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2023-05-11, The latest generation of 1200 V EliteSiC silicon carbide M3S devices

Onsemi has launched the latest generation of 1200V EliteSiC Silicon Carbide (SiC) M3S devices to help power electronics engineers achieve greater energy efficiency and lower system costs. The new product line includes EliteSiC MosFeTs and modules that help increase switching speeds for a growing number of 800-V electric vehicle (EV) on-board chargers (OBCs) and energy infrastructure applications such as EV DC fast charging, solar solutions, and energy storage.

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2023-04-29, ON Semiconductor delivered its billionth induction sensor IC to HELLA

Onsemi announced that it has delivered its billionth induction sensor interface integrated circuit (IC) to HELLA, an international automotive parts supplier and part of the FORVIA Group. The ON designed IC is used in HELLA's contactless Inductive Position Sensor (CIPOS®) technology for automotive drive-by-wire systems. Over 25 years of collaboration, the two companies have developed innovative designs that reduce the size of the HELLA module and ON IC to better fit applications with high dimensional requirements for modules.

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2023-04-28, Onsemi and ZEEKR Krypton have signed a long-term supply agreement for silicon carbide power devices

Onsemi and luxury smart pure electric brand Krypton Intelligent Technology (ZEEKR) announced the signing of a long-term supply agreement (LTSA). Ansamey will provide Polkrypton with EliteSiC silicon carbide (SiC) power devices to improve the energy efficiency of its smart electric vehicles (EVs), resulting in improved performance, faster charging and longer range.

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2023-04-22, ON Semiconductor's innovative image sensor AR0822

Onsemi announced the launch of an innovative image sensor - AR0822. The embedded High Dynamic Range (eHDRTM) function and optimized Near Infrared (NIR) response of this device are crucial for applications with harsh lighting conditions, such as security monitoring, portable cameras, doorbell cameras, and robots. The low-power architecture and motion wake-up function of this sensor aim to significantly reduce system power consumption.

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2023-04-17, Bluetooth low power device selection guide

ON's Bluetooth LE devices have been making waves in the industry for several years. In 2017, Anson released the RSL10, its first product in Bluetooth LE. This was followed by the release of the RSL15 in 2021, after which Anson continued to develop new devices in Bluetooth LE specifications. Each device has multiple family products

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2023-04-10, Dual channel high performance gain control circuit

The SA572 is a dual-channel high-performance gain control circuit in which either channel can be used for dynamic range compression or extension. The buffer allows independent control of dynamic attack and recovery times with minimal external components and improved low-frequency gain control of ripple distortion than previous compilers. Noise reduction for high performance audio systems. It can also be used in a wide range of communication systems and video recording applications.

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2023-04-07, Ultra low static current and ultra low noise DO regulators

Available at 300 mA LDO, the NCP703 provides engineers with very stable, precise voltage, ultra-low noise and very high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) for RF applications. The device does not require any additional noise bypass capacitors to achieve ultra-low noise performance.

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2023-03-30, Remote thermal monitoring and fan controller

The ADT7475 controller is a thermal monitor and multi-PWM fan controller for noise-sensitive or power-sensitive applications requiring active system cooling. The effectiveness of the system's thermal solution can be monitored using THERM inputs. The ADT7475 also uses two-way THERM pins as an output to provide critical thermal protection to the system to prevent overheating of the system or components.

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2023-03-29, Realize fixed frequency, current mode control scheme

The KA3846 control IC provides all the necessary features to achieve a fixed frequency, current mode control scheme while maintaining a minimum number of external parts. The superior performance of this technology can be measured by improved line regulation, enhanced load response characteristics, and simpler, easier to design control loops.

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2023-03-27, A single digital potentiometer

The CAT5114 is a single digital potentiometer designed as an electronic substitute for mechanical potentiometers and fine tuning potentiometers. They are very suitable for automatic adjustment on mass production lines, as well as applications where equipment requiring periodic adjustment is difficult to access or located in hazardous or remote environments.

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2023-03-24, 8 bit addressable latch /3 to 8 line decoder

The MM74HC259 device utilizes advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology to implement an 8-bit addressable latch, designed for general purpose storage applications in digital systems