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2024-03-19, SiC-Based Traction Inverters: Revolutionizing Electric Mobility

In the current age of electric mobility, there is a crucial need for power electronics that are both efficient and high-performing. Traction inverters are crucial components in electric vehicles (EVs) as they are responsible for transforming DC power from the battery into AC power to operate the electric motor.

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2024-02-01, STMicroelectronics introduces controllers that make portable products look amazing

As the flagship product of the STM32 series of high performance and low power consumption, the STM32U5 continues the application range of the STM32F2/F4/F7, while having lower energy consumption and higher cost performance. In industrial control systems, U5 can undertake core functions such as master controller, system monitoring and graphic display.

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2024-01-26, ZINSIGHT Boosts Efficiency in EV E-Compressor Controllers with STMicroelectronics’ SiC

STMicroelectronics has just announced an agreement to supply its 3rd generation silicon-carbide (SiC) planar MOSFETs for the e-compressor controllers from ZINSIGHT Technology, a Chinese high-tech company specializing in SiC power modules and advanced electric power conversion systems, used in “new energy vehicles” (NEVs), also dubbed EVs or BEVs outside China.

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2024-01-08, Intelligent circuit breaker development preferred SCR: ultra-small size, support 750V surge peak voltage

The X0115ML is ST's first off-state surge peak voltage 750V compact thyristor (SCR) for Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI) and arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI). The SOT23-3L micropackage (2.75mm x 3.10mm) is probably the smallest thyristor on the market today. Engineers can save a lot of board space while allowing industrial applications to have 600V off-state repeat peak voltages

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2023-12-26, STMicroelectronics Unifies AI Toolchain Across Product Lines

STMicroelectronics (ST) has unified its tinyML development toolchains into a single stack, ST Edge AI Suite, which will cater for all ST hardware going forward, including ST’s microcontrollers, microprocessors and ML-enabled MEMS sensors.

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2023-12-11, A fully integrated solution for HV contactor driver

Global carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction is unquestionably the most significant global challenge of this century. The goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and limiting the long-term increase in global average temperature to 1.5°C has remained unchanged since the signing of the historic Paris Agreement in 2015.

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2023-12-01, In the age of sensor-intertwined online life, STMicroelectronics opens new doors for edge AI

Many operations that seem to come easily in daily use are inseparable from the perception of sensors.

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2023-10-05, STMicroelectronics Machine Learning solutions mOPED companies explore the possibilities of automotive AI

STMicroelectronics' first vehicle gauge machine learning solution, SL-AIAID012401V1, consists of the AEKD-AICAR1 evaluation Kit, AIAI plug-in and AutoDevKit Vehicle gauge development board. It can recognize four car states: parking, normal road conditions, rough roads, wheel sidescarding or sudden swerving.

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2023-09-07, KNX solutions to improve energy efficiency in smart buildings

With the increasingly serious problem of energy shortage, how to effectively use energy, improve energy utilization in a more intelligent way, and save energy will be one of the key elements in the application of smart buildings. KNX is an open standard for commercial and residential building automation, and this article will introduce you to the development of KNX standards and applications, as well as related solutions that support KNX technology.

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2023-08-18, MOSFET technology ensures the reliability and strong current handling capability of power switch tubes

Nowadays, the mobility ecosystem continues to create new challenges for automotive design, particularly with regard to the size, safety and reliability of electronic solutions. In addition, as automotive electric control units (ECUs) add connectivity and cloud computing capabilities, new solutions must be developed to address these technical challenges.

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2023-05-29, Which of the key wireless communication technologies in the Internet of Things is more promising?

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) was first introduced in 1999. It describes a network of smart devices that use the Internet to improve human lives. For example, a car is equipped with various sensors that alert your phone when tire pressure is low. In addition to using a large number of sensors, the Internet of Things is also an arena for various wireless interconnection technologies, including cellular, Wi-Fi, BLE, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, Zigbee, NFC, and even satellite communication, which play a key role in the Internet of Things

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2023-05-23, Building a Sustainable Tomorrow with Component Technology

While it is true that manufacturers of components such as semiconductors are not environmentally friendly, electronic components in general play a key role in reducing humans' impact on the environment. From monitoring and managing environmental conditions to generating sustainable electricity and even monitoring nuclear fusion systems, advances in component circuits are propelling us towards a more sustainable future.

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2023-05-17, STMicroelectronics releases flexible isolated step-down converter chips

The L6983i 10W isolated step-down (iso-buck) converter is a compact, energy efficient, and flexible package that protects power conversion and gate drives for IGBT, SiC, and GaN transistors. Low static current, 3.5V-38V wide input voltage and other advantages.

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2023-05-15, STMicroelectronics releases inertial modules that combine a three-axis digital accelerometer and a three-axis digital gyroscope

ISM330IS and ISN330ISN iNEMO inertial modules from STMicroelectronics. These modules combine a three-axis digital accelerometer with a three-axis digital gyroscope and are integrated system-level packaging solutions. The always-on, low-power nature enables these inertial modules to deliver outstanding performance in industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including industrial robotics, asset tracking, condition monitoring, and complex motion detection.

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2023-04-29, STMicroelectronics introduces monolithic antenna matching ics for BlueNRG-LPS system chips

Two new products have been added to the STMicroelectronics monolithic antenna matching IC series, namely MLPF-NRG-01D3 for BlueNRG-LPS System chip (SoC) and MLPF-WB-02D3 for STM32WB1x and STM32WB5x* wireless MCU. These two products help simplify circuit design and optimize RF transmission for the STM32WB wireless microcontroller and the Programmable Bluetooth Low Power Wireless Application Processor (BlueNRG LPx).

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2023-04-29, STMicroelectronics ultrasonic oxygen concentration sensor module scheme

Ultrasonic technology (ultrasonic time difference method) is the use of a pair of ultrasonic transducers meet each other alternately (or at the same time) to receive and receive ultrasonic waves, through the observation of ultrasonic wave in the medium (gas or liquid) in the downstream and counter-current propagation time difference to indirectly measure the flow rate of fluid, and then through the flow rate to calculate the flow rate of an indirect measurement method

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2023-04-27, STMicroelectronics has released new extension tools with full support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

STMicroelectronics has released new extension tools that bring the benefits of Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Microsoft's integrated development environment, to the STM32 microcontroller. VS Code is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) known for its ease of use and flexibility. IntelliSense, for example, simplifies and speeds up code editing.

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2023-04-26, STMicroelectronics introduces STM32 burning debugger with larger power range

STLINK-V3PWR is a new online debug burner from ST that accurately measures the power consumption of applications running on any STM32 microcontroller (MCU). The wide dynamic range of the product is capable of handling power-sensitive development projects such as Internet of Things and wireless applications, and can measure current values from Na 'an to 500mA with measurement accuracy of ±0.5%. In addition, the product can provide up to 2A of current to the target system with a single USB cable, eliminating the need for developers to connect a separate power source to power the board.