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2024-03-19, SiC-Based Traction Inverters: Revolutionizing Electric Mobility

In the current age of electric mobility, there is a crucial need for power electronics that are both efficient and high-performing. Traction inverters are crucial components in electric vehicles (EVs) as they are responsible for transforming DC power from the battery into AC power to operate the electric motor.

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2024-03-18, Microchip announces the PIC16F13145 family of MCUS, promoting new developments in customizable logic

Microchip Technology introduces the PIC16F13145 series of single chip computers (MCUS) to provide tailor-made hardware solutions. This family of MCUS is equipped with a new kernel-independent peripheral (CIP) that allows you to configure logic block modules to create custom hardware-based combined logic functions directly within the MCU.

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2024-03-14, Converter topology for DC fast charging applications

To reduce the time required to charge, the industry is using DC fast chargers (DCFCs) and ultra-fast chargers. The DCFCs and ultra-fast chargers bypass the on-board chargers of electric vehicles and provide more power directly to the battery, which can be charged at a rated current of 200-500 A, depending on the capacity of the battery.

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2024-03-13, Ai must be protected at the silicon level

The idea of baking security into an application isn’t new in the software world, nor are security features in semiconductor technologies, such as memory. But the value of data, particularly in artificial-intelligence (AI) workloads, means hardware-enabled security is getting more attention.

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2024-03-12, Regional architecture, Ethernet-powered vehicles of the future

A zone architecture and Ethernet represent the future of networking in vehicles. New features in vehicles, as well as the shift to aggregating sensors and actuators into zonal modules, require a high-bandwidth and low-latency in-vehicle communication network. A zone architecture implementing Ethernet enables the growing trend of the software-defined vehicle.

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2024-03-11, Nanotrap FET for high sensitivity molecular detection

Since the Human Genome Project’s monumental feat of the first sequenced human genome in 2003, high-throughput sequencing has witnessed remarkable advancements. The pivotal role of DNA testing and sequencing came to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic, where it played a crucial role in diagnostic testing and understanding the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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2024-03-08, Advance miniaturization with HDI technology

HDI PCB technology has been a major enabler of advancement in the electronics industry, providing the dense interconnections and intricate circuitry needed to push the boundaries of miniaturization and functionality.

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2024-03-07, NXP + Matter: Upgrade the smart home to an autonomous home

Matter, a smart-home tech standard maintained by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), was first approved in October 2022. Throughout 2023, new devices were introduced that supported the Matter standard, but few demonstrated the full value and versatility of the technology.

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2024-03-06, Intel, Samsung, TSMC ‘Getting Serious’ About CFET

The chip industry’s big three—Intel, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC)—are “getting serious” about a new 3D device architecture that promises to solve scaling problems that persist with today’s state-of-the-art nanosheet technology, experts told EE Times.

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2024-03-05, Micron brings LPDDR5X to desktops, laptops and data centers

LPDDR memory (or mobile DRAM, as it was once known), was developed in the late 2000s primarily with smartphones in mind, which is why it was tailored for low power consumption and point-to-point connectivity.

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2024-03-04, The benefits of using SiC and silicon in EV charging solutions

Consider a day with abundant sunshine, resulting in ample renewable energy production, such as through photovoltaic panels. This energy can be utilized while an EV is parked and connected to the charging system, effectively charging the battery.

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2024-03-01, CATARC enhances battery testing with innovative BIL simulation

While traditional signal-level HIL tests effectively verify BMS functional strategies, they fail to validate battery pack performance effectively.

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2024-02-29, Cascode GaN power devices are packaged with cu clamps for superior power conversion performance

Cascode GaN power devices use a d-mode HEMT device and offer many advantages in higher-power–conversion applications.The cascode architecture with power gallium nitride devices uses a depletion-mode (d-mode) HEMT device and offers many advantages in higher-power–conversion applications.

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2024-02-28, Understand the effects of gate-source and power circuits

To reduce parasitic inductances and fully utilize SiC devices, it is crucial to improve the design and architecture of the power system loops.

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2024-02-23, Accelerate the use of Ethernet in factory automation with highly integrated processors

For factory automation and process automation, Ethernet-based industrial communication is no longer a far-fetched and elusive vision. But due to cost, complexity, and scalability challenges, serial interfaces remain the standard for wired communications, which is understandable given the cost-effectiveness and reliability of IO-Link and RS-485. Design and software engineers are also familiar with these standards.

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2024-02-21, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 converged wireless communication solutions

5G and Wi-Fi are communication technologies developed for different application needs, seemingly for different markets and needs, but in fact, they are complementary to each other, if you can combine 5G and Wi-Fi technology, you will be able to play the respective advantages of 5G and Wi-Fi technology, and thus expand the application field and market.

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2024-02-02, High-speed UFS 4.0 Vehicle storage - Accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology

The evolution of autonomous driving technology is leading to an ever-increasing amount of data being used by vehicles. This requires high-performance storage that can cope with the reading and writing of vast quantities of data. In a move that addresses these demands – and creates a better user experience – KIOXIA has developed automotive storage that complies with the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 4.0 standard.

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2024-02-01, STMicroelectronics introduces controllers that make portable products look amazing

As the flagship product of the STM32 series of high performance and low power consumption, the STM32U5 continues the application range of the STM32F2/F4/F7, while having lower energy consumption and higher cost performance. In industrial control systems, U5 can undertake core functions such as master controller, system monitoring and graphic display.